FAQ about low quality permanent makeup and tattoo removal


The answer can be given for each case individually. It's hard for the beauty therapist to give a distinct prognosis based on just visual estimation of the permanent makeup. The rate of pigment removal from the skin depends on the type of pigment, the number of procedures, application method, the length of stay in the skin, the number and quality of attempts to remove the pigment from the skin with other techniques, individual features of the system, and the age.

The effectiveness of pigment removal can only be estimated based on the results of the first procedure. We can see the dynamics of pigment removal as well the other features, and assume how fast will it take to get rid of unwanted pigment and suggest the length of the removal course.

Before working with the difficult areas (tattoo, the area under eyes, etc.), we offer to make a patch test – the pigment removal on a small area to see how the skin will react. If you wish, the test can be performed on the smaller area to estimate the rate of pigment coming out, in case you are not ready for the procedure.